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hi, my name is felix wetell and i am a fullstack developer and also a web designer
i like to create solutions for people that makes the everyday life easier and more fun
my designs strive for a minimalistic look, as they say, "less is more"


based in karlstad, sweden where I am currently studying web development with focus on web design, UX and user interactivity
in my spare time i like to modify cars, race bikes and hit trails in the local woods with friends

acid finance

personal project that later was taken over by the company to keep up the development, acid finance helps you by visualising your incomes and expenses, cut down unnecessary costs and save money

fancy the game

school project that i kept developing and made it for my own use, with a minimalistic design, one-click ui and with a simple question game to get the user involved

linda carlstad

refreshed website for the university organisation linda carlstad built in php using the framework laravel along with other fellow students


website for an event about equality between genders, race, and more, held at karlstads univeristy

lärardagen kau

website for an event for teacher students on karlstad university, built with wordpress in the highlight theme (later changed by client, not my design anymore)

felix wetell portfolio

first portfolio i made when studying to become a "gymnasieingenjör" and fullstack-developer, built with C# .NET as back-end support