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i am felix wetell

this is me

hello, my name is felix wetell and i am a developer
i like creating creative web solutions and push my abilities as a developer

my skills

  • web development

  • socialising

  • project management

  • dancing

    (don't even ask)

recent projects

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i have always wanted to make games
so i started to code some simple web games, and some other fun stuff

play here

my story

my first experience with coding was a long time back, i do not really remember actually
during high school the interest in web development was born, then i started to create projects in my spare time
i kept this passion for development to my time studying when at university, karlstad university

first big project was with the student association linda carlstad and rebuilt the website with some friends in the same association
that project got out of control and i built a cms for that website, admin linda carlstad which can be found on github
i built a couple of wordpress websites for different associations for free during the same time
the biggest project with linda carlstad was a website called tentahub (github), a website where students upload old exams for other students to download and use as study help

felix made me is my company i created back in january of 2019, also during university
customers include caland, kakelplattan and more
i always strive for better solutions and i hope you want to, develop for the future and make useful solutions

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